Noen minutter før jeg feiret 20-årsdagen med komplett ukjente mennesker, satt jeg meg ned på stranden utenfor Bungalowen min i Koh Phangan under solnedgangen. Jeg hørte på Coexist av LEO ISLO og drømte meg tilbake til utekinoen i Cape Town. Herregud, som jeg lengter tilbake. Herregud, selvfølgelig må jeg tilbake. Selvfølgelig.

/ I sat down on the beach outside my bungalow on Koh Phangan a few minutes before I celebrated my 20th anniversary with complete strangers. I listened to Coexist of LEO ISLO and dreamed back to my first outdoor cinema experience in Cape Town. My God, how I long back. My God, of course I must return. Of course.

strange nature
 to feel your tether 
strange to feel
anything at all 
strange knowing the circle goes forever 
it's hard to tell if I was bound to fall 
spent my whole life
 chasing rainy weather 
in the rivers and the valleys of my heart
 it took some time 
but now that we're together 
speaking soft 
your voice inside the dark
 cause in a new way

in a new light 
we could be there 
on a new high 
and if it feels good
and if it feels right
as imperfect as love is
we could coexist
oh yeah 
oh yeah 
we could coexist 
oh yeah 
oh yeah 
we could coexist 
we could coexist

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