In The Wild

After seeing tortoises in the Darwin Research Station, we wanted to see the in the wild. Therefore, we spent some time at Rancho Primicias, a wildlife reserve. Shocking price to take a taxi there, but worth it anyways because we walk the way back to Puerto Ayora. We strolled around and got to be close to the ugly but still pretty cool tortoises, which we both thought was a pretty cool experience.

Later, we walked to the Lave Tunnels. These impressive tunnels southeast of the village of Santa Rosa are more than 1km in length and were formed when the outside skin of a molten-lava flow solidified. When the flow kept going, emptying out of the solidified skin and thus leaving tunnels. We visited this spot without a guide because it is on private property, but we would recommend going with someone local or a guide to feel more safe.

Instead of taking a taxi on our way home, we walked. That’s how you truly get to feel and see the nature surroundings. You realise that it’s no place like here, despite that it may look a bit like Hawaii. When a horse came running towards us in the middle of nowhere, I felt a bit like home. Those horses don’t seem to differ much no matter where you’ll find them.

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