Las Grietas

Just a boat taxi away from Puerto Ayora, we found a walk that lead us to Las Grietas on Santa Cruz Island. Directly translated, “grieta” means crevasse or crack. It is basically a crack in the ground under water where you’ll be able to swim in between two tall cliffs where the earth has opened up.

We walked passed one of Santa Cruz’ luxury hotels, Finch Bay Hotel, and then continued along a rocky wall, a sandy beach, jagged lava fields and cactus forests. We brought a snorkelling mask and of course took a dip under water.

We met some Americans at the beautiful location too. A sixty year old man from the states who had moved to Ecuador now after working several years in the army who gladly admitted to be a Trump fan and a republican. On the other hand, we met a Californian couple who were just on vacation in the Galapagos Islands, and who of course were Democrats. The great thing was, that despite our political differences, we had a great time together.

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