One Day In Guayaquil

As mentioned in the last blogpost from Quito, we had to unexpectedly leave because my boyfriend had symptoms of altitude sickness. As a result, we ordered a ticket to Guayaquil in order for us to go to Galapagos Islands later. Guayaquil is the biggest city in Ecuador and also the most important. Guayaquil is located on the western bank of the Guayas River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Guayaquil.

We stayed only from Thursday evening to Saturday morning. Of course, we went to the main attractions in the city. We walked from our hotel along the main street, down to the waterfront and followed it to a market and further on to the MAAC museum (Museo Antropologico y de Arte Contemporaneo). The market was full of local food and items, which we love to check out. I ate Tortillas De Verde and drank the local coffee together with it, while Duke bought some honey.

The MAAC museum had inspiring items from the ancient times of Ecuadorian history. The entrance was free, which we loved of course. However, you will not be able to read anything except if you know Spanish. No translation at all. After a quick visit, we walked through a close by village and talked to locals, especially the artists. One of them had a really unique style of art, painting art of Galapagos motives in all sorts of colours.

We ended walk with a round in the big, white wheel by the river. From there, we had a great view of the villages up in the hills. On our way back, we had some cold chai tea latte at “Sweet & Coffee” by the river – and it was very, very sweet. More than enough sugar, to say it that way! However, we had a great day in Guayaquil, and now we’re off to Charles Darwin’s islands: The Galapagos Islands!

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  • Martine S.

    on September 10, 2017  12:47 am

    Bildene dine er så gode! Også skriver du så informativt og fint om reisen din, jeg digger det. Håper dere koser dere, jeg skulle gjerne vært i deres sko!

    • Martine Sorthe

      on September 11, 2017  3:06 pm

      Så kjekt å høre! Veldig fint du liker å følge med oss. Håper du koser deg i London!