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Moderne Suite Cuenca

To the left of me outside the window, the sun is going down and shining through the trees. In front of me is my little desk with my even tinier MacBook that follows me around the world. For a whole month am I gonna stay here in this urban bamboo vibes apartment. I can look at it is a month filled with loneliness, waste and isolation, or, on the other side, I can look at is as a month with potential for personal growth, fulfilment and self-awareness.

I am determined to do the latter. Create and flourish. Read and learn. Love. Myself. Despite all the thoughts spinning round and round in my ruminating brain, I couldn’t spent a month in a more inspiring apartment than this one. I couldn’t been more lucky with my host either. Never have I met a more genuine and caring person than Valeria.

It was no surprise to me to hear that both Valeria and her husband are architects. They designed the Contemporary Ecological Architecture section of four apartment and built it with eco-materials, such as bamboo and handicraft materials from the region. I find it very much Bali-inspired-looking! It has inviting spaces throughout the whole property, with a rooftop with a panoramic view of the city, gardens with local birds and a barbecue area. I feel like the whole area reflects the human warmth that is within Valeria and her husband. I feel at peace, at home.

It is astonishing that this is the first Airbnb in Ecuador where I’ve actually got stable and well-working wifi, which helps a lot when I’m studying and keeping in touch with family. My apartment is at the ground floor, but it has still got a great view of the city and the surrounding mountains. As shown in the pictures, it has got a double bed, two nightstands and a wardrobe for clothes. In the kitchen I have absolutely everything of equipment that I need to stay for a long period. And the shower: It has got warm water, and lots of water! That is something I’ve really missed and is grateful for having now.

Of course I’m grateful for the hot water in the shower, and of course I’m grateful for a breathtaking view and bamboo covering my window, but I’m mostly happy about Valeria. Since I came, she walked me to the liberty at the Cuenca University, she sent me many advices on what to do in the city, her husband helped me open my beans and tomato paste (because I wasn’t strong enough) and she invited me to their concert. To conclude, the surroundings and my hosts will certainly keep my head up when I spend the month here in Cuenca.

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