Waking Up To Light Through The Roof

85sqm Loft in Old Historic Quito

Sometimes you feel really lucky, given the circumstances around you. The majority of people in Quito doesn’t really live in luxury, you know. Therefore we felt really lucky for staying at Christof and Dagmar’s loft in the old historic Quito. Imagine waking up to a new day after arriving in the dark without no clue about how beautiful it is outside the window. Then you look, and you can see the whole city in front of you, with all its perfections and imperfections.

Entering the Airbnb, you’ll get to the breathtaking balcony where you have to absolute view of the old city of Quito. Not far from the Basilica, you feel like you’re in the center of it all. Entering the loft, you’ll quickly understand that you have more than enough space. The creativity and the architecture is something for itself. Downstairs, you’ll find the kitchen and the living room. If you follow a stairway to the second floor, you will find two double beds and a small bathroom.

What I loved the most about this Airbnb was to wake up, make myself some tea at the gas oven, and sit in the window in the kitchen to listen to the city waking up. So precious! Also, our host Dagmar were helpful and welcoming from beginning to end. She helped us get a taxi to the loft, waited for us the evening we arrived and came with advices and instructions on what to do and where to go.

Despite that we loved to sit outside at the balcony and loved waking up to light coming in through the roof windows, we had to leave some days earlier than expected. The reason was that my boyfriend felt like he had some sort of altitude sickness. Quito is located at 2854m, which may make people feel breathless when they go from a low level, like sea level, to a high level very fast. Now however, we’re safe and sound in Guayaquil, and we both feel better.

Find the 85sqm Loft in Old historic Quito Airbnb here.

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