Young adults in their 20s are confronted by so many choices - there are so many paths to choose.

Millennials are a unique and diverse cohort of college grads and 20-somethings. On one end of the spectrum are the overachievers who expect a C-suite job offer straight after graduation. On the other end are the confused and multi-passionate procrastinators who wind up back home,

in their childhood bedroom, with nothing to do. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, the 20’s are a critical developmental phase for making a successful transition from dependent college kid to flourishing adult.

Young Adults

As a Millennial Life Coach for Young Adults, I coach on a wide variety of topics including:

/ Future Direction and Career Path
/ Independence and Individuation
/ Finances and Budgeting
/ Positive Relationships: Friends, Family, Intimate
/ Drugs and Alcohol
/ Anxiety and Resilience
/ Family Conflict
/ Passion and Purpose